Polka Dot Navy Blue

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Polka dot is simple ornament which we like and wear for every occasion. We wear it with jeans, skirt, blouse or t-shirt.

We wear it at work, at free time. And it's the reason why we have polka dot navy blue ornament in our ties collection.


Product info:

- Handcrafted bowtie

- Handprinted labels

- Premium designed gift box

- Quantity: 8 pieces in collection

- Quality: 100% cotton

- Custom cuts to fit your outfit

- Individually selected patterns

- Premium quality materials

- Attention to every detail

- Sophisticated fastening system

- Adjustable size around the neck


How to take care of your tie:  

- Take a good care of your 100% cotton bow tie. It contains metal in fastening.

- Pressing the bow tie between your hands will remove most wrinkles.

- For more stubborn wrinkles, or if your bow tie becomes misshapen, light pressure from a steam iron should suffice.

- Store draped over a hook or hanger or neatly folded, as it arrived. 


Washing instructions: 

- Hand wash program

- No Bleach

- Iron low

- Dry flat