Czech Celebrates 100 Years of Independence!

2018 is definitely not an ordinary year for our country. The Czech Republic and Slovak Republic celebrate 100-year anniversary of the independent country Czechoslovakia. Tomas Garrigue Masaryk deserves the greatest credit for formation of a common state, and he was worthily selected the first president of Czechoslovakia, followed by the end of World War I. It is great to see the level of pride of Czech people and all the marvelous events happening all over the country.

Tourists from all around the world travel to the Czech Republic to commemorate the creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918. Plenty of cultural, social, sporting, and spiritual events and activities take place throughout the year, including the national holiday on October 28th. One of the best highlights was a re-opening of Prague’s National Museum after 7 years.

During the past century together, the Czechs and Slovaks witnessed many great stories that will always hold a special place in the history. There are hundreds of success stories of well-known brands, such as Skoda Auto Production, Bata Quality Shoes, and traditional producers of glass and fashion jewelry. Bohemian Made Design is very proud to bring some of the finest designs into the U.S. We love the Czech prestigious design and all the spectacular crafts created by Czech producers, designers, and manufacturers.

This year is not famous only for the formation of Czechoslovakia, but also for an anniversary of Prague Spring in 1968. This event was not one of the happiest in our history, as the Czechoslovakia was invaded and occupied by the Warsaw Pact troops. This touching incident was one of the biggest milestones in our history and it will never be forgotten.

And how are we celebrating the milestones of our country? Bohemian Made Design will co-organize an event remembering the two remarkable events; Prague Spring and Independence of Czechoslovakia. The event will take place in the end of November in San Francisco, and you will soon be updated about the details. Sign up to our newsletter and make sure you receive an invite! We will have plenty of good food and drinks, showcase of some amazing photographs from Prague Spring, showcase of our products, and many more!

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