Best Decorative Kitchen Tableware

Bohemian Made Design offers exclusive hand-made kitchen tableware products. We present the design of conventional yet modern crystal glassware, traditional and modern porcelain, coffee and tea sets, and other products that might fit right into your home. The online e-shop brand was created in an effort to share and cherish the contemporary and modern pieces made in the Czech Republic with love and traditional skill. 

Our decorative kitchen tableware and equipment embrace the mixture of modernity and tradition. The style of our products is simple, with the hint of modern art and European formality. 

Bohemian Made Design was founded and run by me, Hana Tenklova. Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, I moved to California in 2014. I started this project because I wanted to share things I love about my old home. Over the past 4 years in the U.S., I had a chance to meet people that admired and enjoyed the history, tradition, and design in the Czech Republic. I thought that if I bring a piece of the Czech culture into the U.S., it would make it easier for the locals to have some of these traditional and artistic pieces at home. 

Handcrafted with love and care, our beautiful products are both useful things and a perfect decoration for your home. We believe the Bohemian culture and art has so much to offer to the rest of the world!

I hope you will enjoy it. 





1. One of our collections offers crystal glassware, which is a popular giftware. Our customers usually buy one of our crystal glassware vases as a wedding or a Christmas gift. The crystal vases come in a wide variety of colors, so there are plenty to choose from! The crystal glassware collection includes the following items:  

-> crystal glassware vases - red crystal glass vases, blue crystal glass vases, silver crystal glass vases, gold crystal glass vases, black crystal glass vases, purple crystal glass vases, and clear crystal glass vases

-> crystal glassware footed vases - blue footed crystal glass vases, clear footed crystal glass vases, and black footed crystal glass vases

-> crystal glassware bowls - red crystal glass bowls, blue crystal glass bowls, golden crystal glass bowls, silver crystal glass bowls, clear crystal glass bowls, and purple crystal glass bowls

-> crystal glassware footed bowls - blue footed crystal glass bowls, black  footed crystal glass bowls, gold footed crystal glass bowls, and purple footed crystal glass bowls. 

-> crystal glassware decorative footed and regular boxes - blue crystal glass boxes, black crystal glass boxes, silver crystal glass boxes, and purple crystal glass boxes.


2.  Another popular collection of ours is Retro Porcelain collection

This collection comes back to Czech cubism. The "retro" decorative kitchen tableware products are based on the tradition of Czech cubism and Art Deco, which is using creative design and quality workmanship. This kitchen decoration might fit right into your modern kitchen, as these art deco style porcelain products are somewhat extraordinary! This retro porcelain collection offers the following: 

-> Retro porcelain flower vases - you can find some very modern and special pieces, such as retro porcelain vase with deer horns! The majority of the retro porcelain flower vases consists of black flower vases with white stripes, or white flower vases with black stripes. 

-> Retro porcelain cups - these retro porcelain cups and mugs are perfect for a stylish and modern kitchen. If you happen to have an espresso machine, these cups are a must!! Art deco cups can be a great addition to your shelve for special occasions. Some of the retro porcelain cups are, again, very extraordinary, such as this "Golden Hand" cup, or this "Banana" cup with a funky handle. These items are not among regular store inventory, and we are so proud to sell original kitchen porcelain sets! 

3. Traditional Porcelain collection - if you are looking for a traditional set of plates, cups, mugs, or pots, this is your go-to! This decorative and traditional kitchen tableware collection offers products with old-fashioned context and tradition. This blue onion porcelain is used for many years in European countries. Many families have this decorative kitchen tableware at home and use it for special occasions - mainly a Christmas meal.

This collection does not just offer kitchen tableware for special occasions, but also decorative plates, such as decorative wall plates and decorative saucers. You can place these precious hand-made onion porcelain plates and saucers in your display cabinet.  

Whether you are looking for a good size Beer jug or a coffee/tea cup, we have it! Our collection of blue onion traditional cups offers decorative kitchen tableware such as cups with or without a saucer (these are smaller in size), and traditional beer jugs. These neat beer jugs are a great idea for a traditional porcelain gift, as they can be used for both drinking and/or kitchen tableware decoration. 

Nonetheless, we also offer traditional Christmas decoration products. A famous advent candle holder is among these blue onion decorative products, as well as some Christmas ornaments. 


4. Last but not least, the fourth of our favorite collections is Coffee and Tea Set Porcelain collection. This decorative porcelain coffee and tea set collection is unique because it offers a wide variety of styles! Both modern and traditional decorative porcelain coffee and tea sets are included in this awesome porcelain collection, which can be a unique gift for your mother, grandma, or a close friend. 

Each coffee and tea set comes with six cups with a saucer, coffee or tea pot with a lid, one sugar bowl with a lid, and one milk pot. You can be sure you will receive all essentials of complete coffee or tea porcelain set, also great for special occasions. All pieces of these porcelain sets are unified and match one another. 


Lastly, all of our products are available online, with free shipping all over the U.S. Enjoy the wide selection of our crystal glassware, traditional porcelain, retro porcelain, and coffee and tea porcelain sets! 

If you have any questions about our favorite collections, please email us at info@bohemianmadedesign.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.