Design Design Award Winning Aluminum Chairs

Manufactured by Novague Design, these extraordinary chairs are a perfect fit for your modern home! There are several special technique procedures used during the process of building this aluminum chair. Even though the product might look heavy at first sight, it weights only 6 kg (13 pounds). The design follows a modern and simple style, suitable both for indoor and outdoor areas. The product was honored with a RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, which is an international design competition, focusing on product design, communication design, and design concept. 

The EDGE is simply the most unique and luxurious chair ever designed and built. It is durable, stackable, and all in an iconic design. Various colors such as yellow, green, purple, blue, will be available! 

Novague design manufacturers products that are mainly aesthetically unique, user-friendly, and functional. Let's take a look at how these chairs are made. 


Several technologies are used during the production. A 3mm aluminum plate is first cut by laser, then bent according to the drawing, welded, and the surface is finished with powder coating. The final product is tough and durable, but also stackable and light enough to be easily manipulated. The chair has been subjected to the toughest stress tests and before shipment every piece is rigorously checked to make sure that it satisfies our own exacting quality expectation. 


From the very beginning, we aim for simplicity, but simplicity can never be created simply. The EDGE is a result of comprehensive analysis, studying seating habits and the feedback from user experience, followed by a process of refinement which lasted over a year. The form is inspired by Japanese origami where every surface has its purpose and where a clever composition of surfaces forms a perfectly balanced and functional whole. 


The chair is perfectly suitable for everyday use in interior but also exteriors, where it is ready to be exposed to harsh weather conditions and frequently manipulated. It can be used in living rooms, lounges, cafes, hotels, conference rooms, or other public and working spaces. The EDGE is also ready to be used on any type of flooring as it is designated to balance all irregularities of any surfaces. 


EDGE was subjected to a series of extensive stress test. We have summarized all the date in a chart overview. 

HEIGHT: 33" (84 cm)

WIDHT: 23" (58 cm)

LENGHT: 25" (63 cm)



Get your first dibs on this amazing and stylish product. 

*Available for sale in December, 2018. 

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