About us

Bohemian Made Design is a Czech company based in the U.S., California. Our mission is to bring the finest Czech porcelain and glass to the U.S. and show its beauty here.

About glass and manufactures:

Czech crystal glass is a synonym for the finest crystal glass in Europe. The tradition of glass manufactures is here since the 19th century. Bohemia Treasury is our key producer, they started as employees in the biggest Czech glass manufacture, after the communist regime this manufactury was closed. In this time a lot of glass workers lost their jobs. This is the moment, when our partner, Bohemian Treasury started. Their idea is to show again this beautiful glass pieces, that used to be made in the Czech Republic and give old workers back their jobs.

About porcelain and our manufactures:

Thun 1794 a.s. is the largest Czech porcelain manufacturer. Thun 1794 a.s. was founded by the count František Josef Thun and Johann Nicolaus Weber in 1794, as the second oldest factory in Bohemia. High quality and unique design based on 220-year tradition of porcelain production in the Czech Republic guarantees a high standard for our customer.


GOLDFINGER Porcelain is engaged in original, quality, mostly small-lot production of porcelain and ceramics, focused on customers that are looking for creative design and quality workmanship at reasonable prices.