Our Mission

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Bohemia?

Based on our experience, it is mostly beer, glassware, porcelain and beauty and history of Prague. It's not a coincidence that there's such a harmony between people's perception and the reality.

Bohemian Made Design

Bohemia is a unique piece of land in the middle of Europe known for its deeply rooted tradition of craftsmanship, precise engineering, and art.

Bohemian design is famous for balancing on the edge of:

  • art and craft
  • emotions and intelligence
  • tradition and modernity

It is influenced by cubism, functionalism and history. Thanks to that, there is a vastly growing design scene that attracts more and more international attention every year.

The dominant materials coming from Bohemia are glass and porcelain. Therefore, our selection is mostly made by the decorative as well as applicable products crafted from these materials.

Our goal and passion at the same time is to take the Bohemian-made design global.

Business-wise, Bohemia is still not a fully established market. Hence, it needs to fully take on the ability and advantage of the global digital market, and that's why we created this brand.


Decorative kitchen tabelware products

We hope you'll enjoy the originality and preciousness of these products.