Cluny Lace

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Cluny lace handcrafted bowties. This special collection brings a fusion of perfect fabric and unique lace from the traditional English company, manufacturers of Leavers laces since 1845.
This bow ties reminders of how we all wanted to be brides and wear beautiful lace dress once we grow up. Now you can wear the best lace and have a hint of this feeling every day.


Product info:

- Handcrafted bowtie

- Handprinted labels

- Premium designed gift box

- Quantity: 8 pieces in collection

- Quality: 100% cotton

- Custom cuts to fit your outfit

- Individually selected patterns

- Premium quality materials

- Attention to every detail

- Sophisticated fastening system

- Adjustable size around the neck


How to take care of your tie:  

- Take a good care of your 100% cotton bow tie. It contains metal in fastening.

- Pressing the bow tie between your hands will remove most wrinkles.

- For more stubborn wrinkles, or if your bow tie becomes misshapen, light pressure from a steam iron should suffice.

- Store draped over a hook or hanger or neatly folded, as it arrived. 


Washing instructions: 

- Hand wash program

- No Bleach

- Iron low

- Dry flat