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What you can find in this issue: 


  • Learn¬†who we are and what is our mission
  • Read about what we have done in the past few months¬†
  • See our newest collection of crystal glassware and porcelain
  • Learn about the special GIVEAWAY of this issue


Dear friends,
This is our very first issue, and so before we tell you what we have been up to, we will explain who we are and what we do. 

I, Hana Tenklova, am the founder of Bohemian Made Designbrand. I started bringing Czech-made products into the U.S. market because I wanted to share the design and beauty the products have to offer. 

It's not only the Pilsner Urquel beer brand or Ivan Lendl that make the Czech Republic known abroad...

The Czech Republic is well-known for production of crystal glass and porcelain, and these are the two most common items you can find in our e-shop. The most common souvenir that the tourists bring from the visit of the Czech Republic is glass, followed by porcelain. The history and heritage of these pieces go back to the era of industrial revolution in the mid 19th century and has lasted through the wars, changes of regimes, and even digital revolution. 

Our mission is to bring these gifts directly to the lovers of the Bohemian design in North America.

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we hope to spread the word about our brand to people with a good taste of design and love for the diversity in this area. 


What have we been up to? 


 Hana Tenklova, Bohemian Made DesignIn the end of 2018, we were busy with probably the most difficult part of any business - the beginning. Create a website, arrange a shipment across the ocean, start building a community, organize and attend first events, and hundreds of more organizational tasks.
Nonetheless, I have to say that I am beyond thankful for this whole process and every roadblock on our way. Even though starting something new is not always easy, I absolutely love presenting these beautiful Czech crafts with pride and purpose.

In October, we received our first batch of products (including just crystal glassware), and in late December, we received a much bigger shipment, including more glass, porcelain (retro, blue onion, and porcelain sets),  jewelry, and also edge chairs. 

Take a look at some of our newest collections below:

Coffee/Tea Time Collection

The porcelain coffee/tea set collection offers wide variety of both traditional and modern sets. Each set comes with six cups & saucers, coffee/tea pot, sugar bowl, and a milk pot. 
>>see collection

Retro porcelain collection

This collection is full of modern products, inspired by the tradition of Czech cubism. You will definitely find some unusual pieces here! Variety of cups, mugs, and porcelain vases. 
>>see collection

Traditional "blue onion"

This porcelain collection offers probably the most traditional porcelain you can find these days. The history of these plates, beer jugs, cups, and other dish-ware goes back to the 18th century! 
>>see collection



See all collections here



...In late November, we co-organized our very first event. The main organizer was Czech American Alumni Network, which is a platform that connects Czechs and Americans (sign up to become a member on their website!). The event was in honor to 100 Years of Czechoslovakia. Read about how we celebrated this amazing milestone here. 

Bohemian Made Design event


Before Christmas, we also attended our first fair, called San Jose Holiday Craft Show. You can read more about our experience in one of your blogs - here. 

Then, with a fresh start of 2019, we partnered up with National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library in Iowa and also Czech Heritage and Cultural Center in Texas. We love the work they are doing by bringing the Czech heritage community together, be sure to check out their websites and follow them on social media!

We are hoping to continue and broaden these valuable partnerships and be a part of these community-making organizations. 


Bohemian Made Design - giveaway  Giveaway of this newsletter edition! 

 Here is what you need to go in order to get the giveaway:

 Visit our Facebook page - here, and SHARE our page with your network.  Once you share the page, we will send you a discount code for 30% discount on any crystal glassware. 

  We want to broaden the community of Czechs, people with Czech heritage, or just people who like the Bohemian design and enjoy the story behind all of this. 

 Go ahead and pass it on!

...And what do you have to say? 

We want to hear your opinion! Share with us your insights, comments, or any feedback you might have. Contact me directly at, or through a contact us form on our website. 

Hana Tenklova, Bohemian Made DesignIs there something you would like to find out about in the next newsletter issue? Do you know about someone that might like our brand? Do you have an idea of a store or a gift shop that might enjoy the products, or any suggestions for improvement? Let us know, WE LOVE FEEDBACK! 

We look forward to reconnecting with you! 

On behalf of the BMD team, 

Hana Tenklova, Bohemian Made Design 












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